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Klaraborg was originally named Jesper. Believed to have been originally constructed in 1859, in Vanesborg, Sweden, she was commissioned for work as a Baltic trader, transporting cargos of zinc ore, around the lakes and waters of Sweden.

Klaraborg was a gaff-rigged ketch and was constructed of pine on oak frames -  trunnel fastened. The ship had a double-planked pine hull, on seven inch thick oak frames. The exterior hull was planked with three inch thickness pine and the interior was sheathed in two-and a-half inch thickness pine. This was a very stout ship!

Her pine-planked deck, was eighty feet long and equipped with a thirty-six foot long jib-boom and bowsprit arrangement, making the overall length of the ship one-hundred sixteen feet. Her beam was twenty-two and a-half feet and her draught was eight and a-half feet. She had two eighty-six foot tall masts (a mainmast and mizzen mast) of Douglas fir. She carried approximately 9 working sails of 4500 square feet. She was ballasted with over 30 tons of granite. The scantlings were robust.

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