This page is for listing buddies that you have lost track of. Perhaps someone visiting these pages can help you to find out what happened to your shipmate(s). Please send all responses to k6eid@bellsouth.net who will forward the info to the requestor (to avoid helping spammers harvest our e-mail addresses or other information).

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Chief Yeoman McPheeters   1943-1945 William Locke
Robert Fukuda  San Jose, CA 1954 Richard D. Fust
Homer Young Helena Montana 1966-1969 George Studds
Charlie Roebuck Iowa/California 1966-1969 George Studds
Donald Jensen   1963-1967 Curtis Conley/Dewey Holloway
Bill Chippas   1958 David Bainton
Bill White   1958 David Bainton
Herman "Mac" McCleskey   1958 David Bainton
Fred Hopkins Leaksville, NC 1953-1955 Dave Richards, 8 Barbara Ave., Wilmington, MA
Daniel H. Boyer SMSN

San Lorenzo , CA 94580


Erich von-Salzen SMSN
Kerr GMC     Tony Cellucci
Sam Conyers GM2     Tony Cellucci
Robert Seaton SN     Tony Cellucci