Shipmates' Memories

CDR J. J. Reidy

John Joseph Reidy, Jr.
 Born 1917, Boston, MA; died 1976, Long Beach, CA.
 Prepared at Roxbury Latin School; graduated, class of 1938 from Harvard University.
 Enlisted U.S. Navy, 1940; subsequently commissioned; retired, 1965, at the rank of Captain; WW II veteran, served in the Pacific Theater.
 Major commands included U.S.S. Timmerman and U.S.S. Picking.
 Earned law degree while serving in the Navy; passed California Bar Exam after retirement from the Navy and began practicing law in Southern California,  from 1966 until his passing in 1976.
 Married, Patricia Ann Harrington (deceased 1984); children Jay Paul (born 1945), Peter James (born 1947), Bethel Margarite (born 1951), John Patrick (born 1958).