Shipmates' Memories

Bob Howdeshell (now of FL)

This was taken at the beer hall at Gitmo in November 1951.  From left to right are: King, Bobby O. Thaxton, Bob Howdeshell, Zelnick, and unidentified SA from the USS Preston (DD-795)

Another shot (whoops, beer!) at Gitmo in November 1951 of Picking and USS Melvin (DD-680) sailors. Standing in the rear are P. P. Powell, Plummer, and Calescibetta from the Melvin.  Seated left to right are: Chambers (Melvin), John D. Painter, three unidentified Melvin sailors, Herbert, Brobridge (Melvin), Tom Howdeshell (Melvin), Bob Howdeshell, and Don Gilmartin. 

This was from the same 1951 cruise but we're not sure exactly where the Rocky Point Bar is located. But obviously our boys Bob Howdeshell, Hebert, and Allan J. Brown, were having a great old time!