Reunion '13

Philadelphia, PA - 2-6 September 2013


We had two buses to carry us from Philly to Gettysburg. First we visited the National Battleground Park where we saw a movie about the conflict. We then visited the Cyclorama which presented graphic and narratives about the battle. After that the bus carried us around the battlefield viewing the locales of all  the important engagements narrated by a very competent and knowledgeable guide who presented information on both sides in a positive manner.

Panorama shots from the Cyclorama

The group at the Virginia Memorial

Panorama shot from Little Round Top looking towards the Confederate lines


We then went into the town of Gettysburg and had a great lunch at the Fransworth House. The building is a period brick building that still has numerous bullet chunks from yankees firing on the rebel sharpshooters who used the top floor as a nest. 

The white chips are repaired chunks of brick hit by bullets (Confederate sharpshooters fired from the top window)

After lunch we visited the Eisenhower Farm where Ike and Mamie resided after retirement. We were able to tour the inside of the home which still has 98% of the contents that the Eisenhowers used there. There are no war mementos, just photos and paintings (some by Ike himself).

Exterior of Eisenhower House -- Living room (fireplace was originally in the White House)

Dining room -- Ike's office (gray box on desk is an old crypto phone)